Ignacio J. Duran

Ph.D. Candidate at ESADE Business School (Univ. Ramon Llull)

About me

I am currently a PhD candidate at ESADE Business School (Univ. Ramon Llull). I have two main research strands: (1) micro-CSR, where I focus on understanding the micro-foundations of stakeholders’ reactions (e.g., employees) to corporate social responsibility initiatives; and (2) LGBTIQ+ issues in organizations, specifically to understand how they navigate the job market and hiring-selection processes.

In terms of teaching, I am comfortable teaching courses on organizational behavior, human resource management, and business & society. I have also taught organizational theory in the past.

My work has been published in Business Ethics, Environment & Responsibility (formerly, Business Ethics: A European Review), Sustainability, and Managerial and Decision Economics.

Recent publications

Why does context really matter? Understanding companies’ dialogue with fringe communities

Pablo Rodrigo, Ignacio J. Duran

Sustainability, vol. 13(2), 2021, p. 999

When is escalation of commitment unstoppable in group settings? An iterative economic modeling approach to unveil the dark side of group decision‐making

Alejandro Montecinos‐Pearce, Pablo Rodrigo, Ignacio J. Duran

Managerial and Decision Economics, vol. 41(8), 2020, pp. 1387-1402

Do employees value strategic CSR? A tale of affective organizational commitment and its underlying mechanisms

Pablo Rodrigo, Claudio Aqueveque, Ignacio J. Duran

Business Ethics: A European Review, vol. 28(4), 2019, pp. 459-475

Be bad but (still) look good: Can controversial industries enhance corporate reputation through CSR initiatives?

Claudio Aqueveque, Pablo Rodrigo, Ignacio J. Duran

Business Ethics: A European Review, vol. 27(3), 2018, pp. 222-237

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